Celadon Art Celement Designs



Celadon Art ships with FedEx Priority to the United States and APEX for shipping within Canada.

Due to the widely varying nature of our product dimensions and the infinite combinations in which they can be ordered it is impossible to provide a pinpoint shipping cost. 

If you require a freight estimate to the United States it is best to email us after placing your order at ussales@celadonart.com.  We will send you a freight estimate within 48 hours, excluding weekends. 


Orders to the United States are based on the total weight of the shipment and have a minimum freight cost of $187 -$245 depending on the area being shipped to.  Due to the size of our pieces and orders, we ship in 53-foot trailers so we cannot use FedEx ground.  However, on small orders with pieces under 24 inches in size, using FedEx ground might be an option.  Please email us at ussales@celadonart.com to inquire if your order can be shipped FedEx ground.

Additional FedEx charges if required:

$59 - Pre-delivery Notification: For commercial deliveries, FedEx will call ahead to schedule a delivery time and date. 

$144 - Limited Access Delivery: Charged if a smaller truck is required due to limited road access.

$52.95 - Liftgate Delivery: Is necessary for locations without a loading dock.

$52.95 - Residential Delivery: Is automatically charged on all shipments to a residential address even if a business is run out of a home. The charge is for the smaller truck that needs to be used for residential neighborhoods.

$58.24 - Inside Delivery: FedEx delivers curbside, if the customer requires the shipment to be brought inside then this charge is applied by FedEx.



Orders within Canada are calculated based on weight, dimensions, and the number of boxes in the shipment.  Estimates are difficult to calculate because of all the variables of the order; however, based on our 35 years experience in the industry the cost of shipping is typically between 10-20% of the order amount.