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Marine Phyla IV - Pastel

A collection of finely detailed historical marine animal drawings on linen.
SKU: 19319
Dimensions: 16.5 x 21.5"
Celadon has updated these curiosities of nature with a contemporary colour palette. One series uses neutral grey on taupe; and one is accented with a soft blush and pastel blue detail. Nine images available in in two sizes. Each is finished in a contemporary, angled, grey wood profile.
Ersnt Haeckel was a renowned naturalist, philosopher and marine biologist responsible for discovering thousands of bizarre and beautiful under water creatures in the late 1800s. His love of these wonders is evident in the finely rendered drawings.
Products specifications
Product Type Glass Framed
Orientation Vertical
Width 16" - 24"
Height 16" - 24"
Palettes Neutrals, White, Pastels, Warm Tones