Celadon Art Celement Designs

Magna Graecia S/2

A pair of classic Grecian columns with gilded embellishments.
SKU: 16634
Dimensions: 22.25 x 31.25"

This classic architectural plan for Grecian columns is enhanced with embellishments of multiple textures and gilded decorations. Silver gild and blue iridescent twinkle amongst the snake skin, paint and water mark textures. Framed with double thick matte and contemporary silver angled profile.

Products specifications
Product Type Glass Framed
Specialty Finish
Gild - Silver

Gilding refers to the fine art of hand applying paper thin sheets of metal (gold, silver, copper or composites) to a surface with a liquid glue called size.

Specialty Finish
Hand Embellishment

Any one of numerous applications done by hand such as the application of gel, gild or paint.

Specialty Finish
Matte - Raised

Varying layers of board are laid underneath the matte to create depth within the frame space.

Orientation Vertical
Width 16" - 24"
Height 25" - 42"
Palettes Neutrals
Colour Trend Neutrals