Celadon Art Celement Designs

Collection 10 - French Receipt IX

Delicate vintage French receipts framed between glass.
SKU: 19873
Dimensions: 12 x 11"

These French receipts from the early 1900s are a perfect example of the flair the French, applying to even the mundane. Fine script, handsome engravings and lovely soft pastel colour make each piece a charm. They include hotel, hardware, yard-good, porcelain, glass and bonbon bills. Celadon has floated each receipt between two sheets of glass held in a fine, antiqued silver frame for a stunning presentation. Hang a series of them in a large or small group or mix them into a mixed gallery hanging.

Products specifications
Product Type Glass Framed
Specialty Finish
Torn Edge

Usually combined with a raised image, the edge is hand torn to create the look of hand made paper.

Orientation Horizontal
Width Less than 16"
Height Less than 16"
Palettes Warm Tones