Celadon Art Celement Designs

Aqua Flora I

Soft florals set within abstract shapes.
SKU: 18175
Dimensions: 17 x 21"

A mix of traditional floral watercolour is combined with the brush stoke forms of an abstract composition. The soft pastels are set within a gilded frame space in an elegant pure white dimpled profile.

Products specifications
Product Type Glass Framed
Specialty Finish
Gild - Gold

Gilding refers to the fine art of hand applying paper thin sheets of metal (gold, silver, copper or composites) to a surface with a liquid glue called size.

Specialty Finish

A deep space is created between the image and the glass to allow for raised images and mattes to create depth within.

Orientation Portrait
Width 16" - 24"
Height 16" - 24"
Palettes Pastels
Colour Trend Blush