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Each framed print that CELADON ships has been made from 'scratch' in our warehouse. We do not carry assembled stock in our warehouse. This means each order you place is started from the time we receive the order.

Our turn around time is approximately three to four weeks, but this may vary during certain peaks times of the year. Each frame is cut and joined to order by our master frame builder Russell and his assistants.

"CELADONIANS" are skilled in the various framing techniques. The prints are first mounted to prevent creasing or imperfections of the print. A mat is then cut to fit the print and the two joined using special doublesided adhesive.

Shadow boxing, dry flower inlays, foils, filets and other special accents that may be needed are added by the mat cutters. Glass and cardboard are handcut and added to the matted print. Our team of assemblers use air pressurized fastener guns to set the glass, mat, print and backing into the frame.

Our newest addition is a canvassing machine, which allows us to make any print in our line into a canvas, which is then stretched and framed. Frames are also added to our line of bevelled mirrors, which range in size from 4 x 4in to 24 x 36in.

All products then pass through Lynn, our quality control manager, who inspects each framed print or mirror for any flaws that may have occurred in the manufacturing process. Items that are not perfect are returned to be corrected or replaced.

Your prints and mirrors are then packed into securely packed shipping cartons, and sent to you!

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